lundi 8 juin 2009

ShopWiki - a new way to shop

This is new, and worth trying. Imagine shopping over the net in one single place. ShopWiki makes it simple and lots of fun. ShopWiki is like a giant super mall with an interactive directory.

Here is how it works, You can browse through the directory and find what type of product you are looking for and refine your search as you go along.

Let's say that I want to shop for a dress for my 11 year old daughter. I would go in the Babies and Toddler section, and then select Girls Clothing Buying Guide. This offer thousands of options. It is simple to follow the guide and instructions. I choose the dress clothing for girls and then took the option Dresses. Several brands were offered to me. I choose Ralph Lauren. The final results were presented in a very informative way

I have pictures of the differents dresses and also the stores where I can by them with the price. I can filter by price range, color, and brands. I really liked the filters. Shopping with young kids may be...hum interesting... but ShopWiki makes it fun. Other interesting sections includes children books. I like they way that they suggest classics.