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zut, c'est déjà la fin de l'année

C'est déjà la fin de l'année.  J'ai beaucoup travaillé, et e ne l'ai pas vu passer.

Faire la balance entre l'école et le travail, n'est pas toujours simple.

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Painting - No Hope for the Future

No hope for the future by Sophie Massé
I made this painting in December 2017.  My youngest is suffering from depression.  In December, he had dark thoughts and was thinking of suicide.  One of the things he said was, that he couldn't imagine the future.  The family made a close net to keep him safe.  We took action and he is getting professional help.
The doll in the painting is sad because this is not a situation where a mother can kiss the pain away. 
From my smallish point of view, my son asked me to step aside and let the professionals help him.  I feel a lot of pain and I am sad.  I hope we put enough things in place to make him feel secure so that he will not take action on his dark ideas.

Peinture femme blonde

Pour cette peinture, j'ai joué avec différentes matières.  Le papier, les étampes, des fleurs et du Pébéo Moon pour les cheveux

Peinture - Mix Media - poupée Violet